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Our T-Shirt provider, Goodstorm, was recently acquired by and as such, means that our store will be closing this week. If you haven’t already purchased an “Adama for President” shirt, you should do so right away, since there will be a delay as we rebuild our art files for the new system at
By moving to, not only will we be able to offer the shirt, but we’ll be able to offer some other fun products too! Stay tuned!

A question every voter might ask….President Roslin may be the one described in the prophecies of Pythia, but is she our choice in 2008?
If you’re voting in the California Primary and don’t know who to vote for, or just think the candidates in your party suck, why note vote for Admiral Adama for President?
If helping blow up the Resurrection Ship, and leading the Second Exodus off New Caprica isn’t being an “agent of change,” then what the frak is?