Adama/BSG Related Fun

We’re still around…yes the gag is now about 5 years old, no one likes Obama anymore, Battlestar Galactica hasn’t been on since ’09, and haters in the Tea Party talked smack about this site. (Note to Tea Party People: bite my shiny metal ass, you morons! It’s ADAMA not OBAMA or are you too stupid to read?)
That’s not important. What is, is the first episode of Portlandia which has an epic homage to our FAVORITE show and has none other than Mr. Eddie James Olmos in a cameo. Watch it NOW:

The other day I posted a comment at the LA Times’ Webscout blog on an entry they’d written about the battle of political shirts at between Obama, McCain, Palin, et al. Naturally I suggested another candidate that might be of interest.
Today, they linked to the site, complete with a replica of our banner! Needless to say this was a surprise. If you’re a new visitor the site, please buy something, look around, and read some of the archives this little campaign has generated since we came up with the idea a while back! Thanks for your support!

chloe adama for president shirt.jpg
We already knew that Jamie Bamber was a fan of our Adama for President shirts, but today, I got an email from Colonial Patriot Chloe Tejada, who was at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto. She reports on her meeting with Eddie James Olmos and the crowd. Check it out:
Update: The always awesome Proggrrl of Galactica Sitrep gave us a link that better shows Eddie talking about the Adama For President site! Check out the new link to the video below!

This past weekend I was at the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto and I had the chance to meet Edward James Olmos and we talked about the Adama for President shirt I was wearing. He told me how he and Jamie Bamber received one and thought it was wonderful. Here’s a link to a video of his q&a:
Anyway I didn’t get the chance to get a picture with him and the shirt because he was charging $60 (and I don’t have that kind of money hehe) but I had my picture taken with Rorschach of Watchmen while I was
wearing the shirt.
My shirt got a great response from fans; people were coming up to me and asking me where I got the shirt because Olmos mentioned it in his Q&A so I pointed them to your site.
So here is the photo of me wearing the shirt with a Rorschach.
Chloe Tejada

This just made my day. Buy something now while they’re still up online – we don’t know when Zazzle cylons might take down more of our stuff despite the fact that the fair use laws are on our side!

If you haven’t already checked out this amazing set of character portraits of various Cylons and Colonials drawn in the style of the Simpsons, well get there at once and check it out! Why? Because there’s a new set (with some spoilery stuff in there if you havent’ seen Season 3 or 4) that just came out the other day.
Click here to check ’em out. Many thanks to the patriots at Galactica SitRep for the notice!

The citizens who run Comedy Central’s blog took note of which candidates for President might be Cylons, and noted the similarity of one candidate to one known Cylon.
It’s an entertaining read, but it’s also clear our candidate, Admiral Adama, is not a Cylon!
PS: Welcome to all our new readers courtesy of!