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Viva Adama Poster

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Tonight, the Series Finale for Battlestar Galactica will end the show. And all I can say is paraphrase what Adama said at the Battle of New Caprica: “It’s been an honor knowing all of you…”

Seriously. What started as a bar conversation in late 2007 between myself and my brother about a pun evolved into an amazing viral site that was the perfect combo of scifi, faux politics, and fun. Thanks to the kind words of we launched into the blogosphere, and thanks to the amazing, awesome awesome ProgGrrll and Logan of of Galactica Sitrep, we had an amazing win sending our stuff to the set as they filmed the final episodes of the series. I made enough money to go to Comic-Con, and this whole “grassroots” movement culiminated in the ultimate win of seeing star Eddie James Olmos with our shirt at a con.

We even rocked Facebook with our Facebook Application which has an AMAZING 65% acceptance rate and has spread worldwide.

The whole experience was a lot of fun, and none of it would have happened without your support. Thank you for a fun year, and enjoy tonight’s finale. For fun, why not download a PDF of the poster and post it one last time, and maybe take a picture and post it to Flickr or Facebook…I’m sure Adm. Adama would approve!