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The awesome folks at Galactica SitRep posted a link to this article at by Richard Handler. In it, he talks about the qualities that make Adm. Adama a good guy, and what Canadian and US politicians could learn from him.
Hat tip to the folks at SitRep!
PS: There’s only a few weeks left in the campaign! You can show your support with something from our store, join our Facebook group and install our Facebook Application for Adama. Thanks and let’s keep the momentum going until the show returns in 2009!

Campaign season is winding down, but we’ve got one last trick up our sleeves – a Facebook application for Adama ’08! All you have to do is go to application’s page on Facebook and you can install a badge on your profile that will show your support for Adama for President, allow others to install the application, and link directly to our Facebook Group, the site, and our store!
If you’re on Facebook, why not install one today on your profile? Or better yet, tell your friends about it with the app’s “tell a friend” feature? It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun!