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The awesome folks at Galactica SitRep posted a link to this article at by Richard Handler. In it, he talks about the qualities that make Adm. Adama a good guy, and what Canadian and US politicians could learn from him.
Hat tip to the folks at SitRep!
PS: There’s only a few weeks left in the campaign! You can show your support with something from our store, join our Facebook group and install our Facebook Application for Adama. Thanks and let’s keep the momentum going until the show returns in 2009!

Campaign season is winding down, but we’ve got one last trick up our sleeves – a Facebook application for Adama ’08! All you have to do is go to application’s page on Facebook and you can install a badge on your profile that will show your support for Adama for President, allow others to install the application, and link directly to our Facebook Group, the site, and our store!
If you’re on Facebook, why not install one today on your profile? Or better yet, tell your friends about it with the app’s “tell a friend” feature? It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s fun!

Many of you may be arriving at this site due to our guerilla marketing (such as it was) at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. Maybe you got a great “Adama ’08” sticker, or better yet, one of our open-source “Viva Adama” posters!
Either way, we’d first say thanks for dropping by, and ask only a couple of favors:

First, if you got a poster, or downloaded our free poster artwork and printed it out, please take a photo of where you posted it, either on Flickr (with the tag “adamaposter08”) or email it to us here at the campaign. We’d like to show the Admiral he has support all over Earth As Is, like, stat.
Second, we’d invite you to buy one of our awesome shirts, stickers, and bumper stickers from our store on Zazzle. We’re not marking this up by much and really just want to have some fun before this election season is over. So go on over and find something you like. Ladies, there’s women’s fashions there too!
Third, if you’re on Facebook, please join us at our Facebook Group with your pictures, ideas and fun!

Thanks again for visiting and thanks for your support. Without it, I would never have made it to Comic Con, and with your support we’ll make it through the Hiatus from Hell soon.
Also, be sure to check out our check out our BSG related pics from the Con!

So I’m sitting here at my day job, working away, when I got an email notification that someone bought something at the Zazzle Store…upon checking out the order history it seems someone just bought 12 bumperstickers!
Whoever you are, the Admiral and I thank you!
UPDATE: Sold 2 of the “old school” Adama stickers just now too! Keep ’em coming and I can pay off my trip to ComicCon!

The Adama campaign has its first challenge for patriotic Colonial citizens : our Poster Challenge!
As we’ve announced on our Facebook Group, the goal is to get the word out about Our Candidate by posting our Adama for President posters in public.
Once you’ve printed out some posters and posted ’em somewhere interesting or cool, take some pictures and email a jpeg to us (and post on Flickr too, if you can). The person(s) who submit the coolest photo (as determined by me) win a free Adama shirt and sticker.
As always, exercise common sense and good judgment – don’t vandalize private property, and don’t do things that can get you arrested. Do, however find public spaces or bulletin boards, or your office cubicle, or wherever, and have fun! I look forward to your submissions!

Well it’s been a heck of a day around here, what with the Jamie Bamber news and of course, the midseason finale of Battlestar Galactica, which was on all morning, and will be on later tonight!
But after an email discussion with one of our Loyal Supporters, we’re now asking those of you who’ve bought a shirt, a bumper sticker, or printed out one of our posters, to take a snapshot of yourself in said apparel (or sticker on your car, bike, etc) and post it to Flickr, or just email us a copy, and we’ll post it on the site!
Hey, now that BSG is on hiatus, we gotta do something fun this summer, right?

Now, it seems that supporters of the Sen. from Illinois have a few home-grown sites, Cats for Obama and Yes We Can Has up and running.
If you have a cat that supports our Admiral Adama, take a picture of it with the free poster, or one of our stickers and post it on Flickr or email it in! Let’s show the lolcat world some cats prefer Adama for President!

Today, thanks to the good Colonials at Imagekind, we’re now able to offer a large sized print of the Viva Adama poster. This way you can show your support for the Admiral and not drain your printer cartidge. Of course, we continue to sell our our shirts and stickers as well. Join the fight today!
Special thanks for the shout out go to the patriotic Colonials and Browncoats at the wireless broadcast at!

After hassling with the Cylons at Zazzle over our poster print-on-demand BS, we decided at the campaign to ask, “What Would Bill Adama Do?”
In this case, we are now giving away the 11×17 poster file for free, so that you may download it, print it, and put it in your window.
Sometimes you have to roll a hard six, and sometimes you just have to get creative. Adama ’08!
If we find a new provider that will allow you to buy print-on-demand posters (and thus save your ink cartridge) we’ll let ya know!