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Many of you may be arriving at this site due to our guerilla marketing (such as it was) at the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. Maybe you got a great “Adama ’08” sticker, or better yet, one of our open-source “Viva Adama” posters!
Either way, we’d first say thanks for dropping by, and ask only a couple of favors:

First, if you got a poster, or downloaded our free poster artwork and printed it out, please take a photo of where you posted it, either on Flickr (with the tag “adamaposter08”) or email it to us here at the campaign. We’d like to show the Admiral he has support all over Earth As Is, like, stat.
Second, we’d invite you to buy one of our awesome shirts, stickers, and bumper stickers from our store on Zazzle. We’re not marking this up by much and really just want to have some fun before this election season is over. So go on over and find something you like. Ladies, there’s women’s fashions there too!
Third, if you’re on Facebook, please join us at our Facebook Group with your pictures, ideas and fun!

Thanks again for visiting and thanks for your support. Without it, I would never have made it to Comic Con, and with your support we’ll make it through the Hiatus from Hell soon.
Also, be sure to check out our check out our BSG related pics from the Con!

We’re in San Diego for Nerdvana (aka The San Diego Comic Con) and there’s so much going on. We got into town this evening via train, and will be helping cover the Con’s BSG related activities at the following locations:

Galactica Sitrep

My VOX Blog (a roundup of my twitter entries at 4pm every day)

Twitter (if you HAVE to have it live)

and on Flickr – check out this Flickr badge to go to my set on Flickr!

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Well it’s only one week until the San Diego Comic-Con, where I’ll be attending not just as an “Adama ’08” supporter, but I’ll also be helping cover the Con for our good friends at Galactica Sitrep as well, with a focus on covering the BSG panel discussion and of course any random encounters with our heroes.
If you’re going, why not buy a shirt or a sticker to wear at the Con, and be part of the Adama bandwagon?