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The other day I posted a comment at the LA Times’ Webscout blog on an entry they’d written about the battle of political shirts at between Obama, McCain, Palin, et al. Naturally I suggested another candidate that might be of interest.
Today, they linked to the site, complete with a replica of our banner! Needless to say this was a surprise. If you’re a new visitor the site, please buy something, look around, and read some of the archives this little campaign has generated since we came up with the idea a while back! Thanks for your support!

Once again, the ever vigilant Proggrrl at Galactica Sitrep found some wonderful pics of Eddie James Olmos in Adama for President gear at Dragon Con. The picture here was found at the Sci Fi Forums, and you can find more on Flickr here and here.
Kind of a nice way to wind down the campaign…given that the “real” campaign ends soon enough anyway. Buy a shirt or sticker today while you still can!
PHOTO CREDIT: Fellowshipper