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Now, it seems that supporters of the Sen. from Illinois have a few home-grown sites, Cats for Obama and Yes We Can Has up and running.
If you have a cat that supports our Admiral Adama, take a picture of it with the free poster, or one of our stickers and post it on Flickr or email it in! Let’s show the lolcat world some cats prefer Adama for President!

Today, thanks to the good Colonials at Imagekind, we’re now able to offer a large sized print of the Viva Adama poster. This way you can show your support for the Admiral and not drain your printer cartidge. Of course, we continue to sell our our shirts and stickers as well. Join the fight today!
Special thanks for the shout out go to the patriotic Colonials and Browncoats at the wireless broadcast at!

If you haven’t already checked out this amazing set of character portraits of various Cylons and Colonials drawn in the style of the Simpsons, well get there at once and check it out! Why? Because there’s a new set (with some spoilery stuff in there if you havent’ seen Season 3 or 4) that just came out the other day.
Click here to check ’em out. Many thanks to the patriots at Galactica SitRep for the notice!

We’re making some changes around here to bring the site up to the Admiral’s standards….we will do an official “re launch” in a few days. (the banner up on top is a prototype, the final version will be even more awesome)
Until then continue to read the archives, check out our online store for shirts and bumper stickers and if you have suggestions, links, or other ideas, contact the campaign and let us know your thoughts!

The citizens who run Comedy Central’s blog took note of which candidates for President might be Cylons, and noted the similarity of one candidate to one known Cylon.
It’s an entertaining read, but it’s also clear our candidate, Admiral Adama, is not a Cylon!
PS: Welcome to all our new readers courtesy of!