The Eagle Has Landed: Our Care Package Arrived in Vancouver BC! UPDATED!!!!!

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Allow me to break character for a moment and share some fun news: last week I made up a care package of Adama for President shirts and stickers and, with a little help from ProgGrrl at Galactica SitRep made arrangements to ship directly to the studio in Vancouver, where they're filming the last episodes, ever, this week.

I also shipped some stuff to Logan, who attended the LA Times screening at the Arclight yesterday.

Normally, I would not nerd out like this, but strange things can happen when fans start talking. Hopefully, the cast will enjoy the care package and maybe we'll see a few pics with the cast and our apparel and stickers!

Hey, it could happen!

UPDATE: This morning I received the following message at Facebook:

Kelli sent you a message.

Subject: Adama '08 shirt

"I just thought you'd like to know that I work on Battlestar and this morning at breakfast Jamie Bamber was wearing the Adama '08 shirt. So I guess your care package is being enjoyed!"

Woo hoo!

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